Lion missed on interesting motifs...


Lion missed on so many interesting motifs and went for the underwhelming one


Last night, when I went through all the movies available in Youku, I happened to come across this movie, Lion. India seems always makes good movies, so naturally I gave it a try. The beginning of the movie soon attracted me. It depicts a scene where a little brother, together with his elder brother, tried stealing coal from a running train. The closeness between these two brothers, the sparkling light in the little boy’s eyes, and their efforts made to make the life of their family better really deeply attracted me. My heart went up and down along with the little boy’s happiness, sorrows. How innocent kids are, and thus they are so vulnerable to the outside world. Hence, when I saw the homeless kids in the movie who showed mercy to the little boy kidnapped by some strange and horrifying men, I cried together with the little boy. It’s like I am the little boy. I feel so desperate, helpless and homesick. I miss my mum and my brother who are always so nice to me. It’s natural for any human being to long for their loved ones on occasions like these, I suppose. Since the elder brother loves the little boy significantly, so I was also wondering how worried the elder brother could be. After some struggles in his life, the little boy finally ended up with being adopted by a really loving family in Australia. This Australian couple adopted two Indian kids. Just like any audience might have speculated, maybe they adopted kids because they are infertile. However, it turns out the couple can have their own babies. It’s just they chose to not have kids cause there are enough people in this world. So why not help those people who are suffering like these two little Indian kids? This woman’s thoughts really are thought-provoking, which made me think a lot. Yeah, the world, seemingly peaceful and happy, is inundated with miserable stories. So why not make the living ones happy and enjoy their life? This made me also think about my own family and motivated me to make my minds to take better care of my own family. Good movies inspire people. Thanks, Lion.

20 Questions to Know Yourself Better and Unlock the Immense Potential Within

Root seeking is an age old motif, but it does not guarantee a boring movie. Countless film makers managed to tell fascinating stories based on centuries old motifs. Lion, unfortunately, does not seem to be one of them.

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“Know Thyself”

Lion's execution of the root seeking story is underwhelming. It tried to hit on many things at the same time, yet fails to make a success of any of them. What I can see is a director trying to making a touching, commercial hit of root seeking while preserving the critic-welcoming elements of identity struggles, immigrants in white western communities, the personal journey of being adopted kids etc etc. Yet none of them came out clear, touching or well developed.


All of us have heard this aphorism. Most of us acknowledge that unless you know yourself first, you really can’t achieve much in life. We also realize that we each have immense potential to create amazing things and find lasting happiness.

That is what I really lament about this movie: it could have been so much better. Asian kids adopted and brought up in white families is a rarely exploited theme in cinema. It has so much to explore, so much to offer and so much to reflect on: should your identity be Indian or Australian? How do you balance your biological mom and your real mom? What were you really trying to find when it comes to root seeking? And probably most interestingly, what's next after the root is found? Each of this topic could have made great movies. Lion has fallen short of making good of any of them.

PS:there must have some grammar mistakes or wrong expression, but I still want to show my feelings in this way. Maybe one day, I will write it in Chinese in another way:-D

And yet….

One thing to take away from the movie: Dev Patel has grown into a freaking hot supermodel. Movie would've been better if he stays half naked for a few more minutes.

Today, I just want to watch a movie and this <Boyhood> comesinto my mind. So maybe it is time for me to watch it and I watched it just now.

Most of us don’t even scratch the surface of knowing who we really are, let alone figuring out what we have the potential to become. We are so confused that we keep oscillating between overconfidence and low self-esteem. One minute we are filled with a definite purpose for life and the next we are completely desolate. How can anyone hope to find lasting happiness in this state?

Many people focused on the time, about more than 3 hours, and cannot be patient enough to the end. Some complained that it is not dramatic at all. But I think that this movie is all about our life and it crosses the nationalities and the languages. Well, at least for me though I am not that rock and roll, and my dad is a conservative person while my mom is not a professor.

In my quest for clarity, purpose and self growth, I’ve come to realize that asking the right questions, is sometimes in itself the answer. Here is a list of 20 questions to get to started on a journey of self-discovery, releasing the potential that is trapped within and consequently finding lasting happiness.

The mother in this movie reminded me of my own mother. She is pretty, intelligent and diligent, but meet the wrong husband when she was young ( Haha~ she is still young and pretty in my mind:-D). My mom and dad were introduced by the elder people. When they began to have a date, they always had a fight, not physical actually but in words and they still decided to get married. I think that at that time, they still had no idea about love and marriage and just listened to their parents. They both are really nice and kind people, but obviously they are not the right person to each other.

Then things were getting worse and worse after they built a family and had me. And after went through many difficult things, they divorced when I was in third grade in primary school. At that time, I just felt cool and even talked to my classmates, because in my mind, it was a final relief for my mom and dad and I know they still love me. I love reading all kinds of books and articles and from one article from<Reader’s Digest>, I read a story that an American journalist told his daughter that although mom and dad divorced but we still love you. So I told myself, so did my mom and dad~ haha~

Who Are You?

After they divorced, I stay with my mom and we face many kinds of things. Actually, most of the time, it is my mom that deal with all the challenges. You can image a small town in china lived in a young and beautiful women who just divorced with her husband, and now she had to fight for life and protected her little girl. Rumors were horrible. For example, if you had dinners with a bunch of people, others would have said something bad about you, but it was just a normal dinner! However,when I was at  teenager period, I cannot understand all kinds of things, though I read lots of books→_→ Just like the scene in the movie, I complained and felt unhappy.

1.    What is the one thing that makes you special and unique?

Some people loved my mom, but considering my against and resist, she refused. Well, I was really selfish at that time.

There is no other person on this planet quite exactly like you. For just a moment, quit focusing on what you are not, what you wish to be, or what others expect from you and find out what is the one thing you already have that makes you special. Identify your “special”-ness, acknowledge it, respect it and make it central to how you carry yourself.

When I entered high school, my mom had her second marriage. My mom protected me very carefully and I never stay with my step-father alone. Because I was in boarding school, I did not have to see him very often. That was a relief for me. My step father was kind of person who was vanity and good at disguising himself. What I mean is not that kind of bad gay. It is just he loves drinking and has too many friends. My mom suffered from all those stuff. What I memorized most is he was yelling at my mom after he drunk at 3:00 am in the morning. Fortunately, he never hit my mom and he did respect me and try to act as a nice dad in front of me. And they also have sweet memories. It is just for me, I think my mom deserve a better man.

2.    How do people perceive you?

Btw, my father also loves drinking and even throw things everywhere. He was a strict man for me in primary school. He did not allow me to make up myself even a hairpin or even bring beverage to school. Because of this, he even hit me and my mom protected me. So she was the one hit by my dad, very badly hit.  Just once, my dad hit my mom. Ok~ but I still love my dad, he has some good virtues and these years I finally understand him. But I really dislike drinking and smoking.

Do people see you for the special person that you are? Do they appreciate your unique abilities? If not, what is the reason? How can you change it?

During these years, my mom raised me up by herself and almost cover all the cost. She never counted on anyone and never complain a lot even when so-called best friend did something bad to her. She is still pretty and continue studying after go through many difficulties. She is an independent women.

Maybe a quote by Henry Longfellow — “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” — has the answer? How can you bridge the gap between what you are uniquely capable of being and the person that you currently are?

Now it is my final year at undergraduate stage. How time flee.

3.    If money was not a constraint, what would you be doing with your time?

Thanks for the movie, I feel more understand my mom and the life we are experiencing now.

Write a book? Become a singer? Grow a beautiful garden? Spend more time with your family? Take your time. Feel free to daydream. Once you have the vision in your mind, think of what is the one thing you can do now to move just one step closer to that vision. When you have a vision and start taking action, the universe will conspire to make it a reality.

I just have one question for the movie: why the mom in the movie always marry the wrong guys especially she was a professor in psychology?

4.    What do you do for a living?

Because after I read some books about psychology, I helped my mom to figure out her problem in marriage and she seems to meet a real right guy now.

There is nothing deep about this question. It really is as simple as it sounds. If your answer matches (or will lead you towards) what you answered to the previous question, you are on the right track. If answered “Become a writer” above and “I am an engineer” to this one, you need to figure out how bridge the two. Maybe you can start a tech blog. Or a series of (blockbuster) books about the adventurous engineer or the vampire engineer. Whatever. Figure it out.

Why some really good people always meet the wrong guys? I do not know. But I do believe that it is just a process to select the right person. Some comes too early; some comes too late. But eventually he/she will come. Also, marriage needs compromise. If no one want to say sorry first and always think what I say is right, even the right person cannot help you~ Haha~

5.    What are you grateful for?

My dad never compromise, so dose my mom. Or maybe they just did not meet the right person who they are willing to make a compromise. Or they just cannot find each other's real beauty.

How long did you have to think to answer that question? If you answer was not immediate – if the images of your family and friends, your health, your ability to see, hear, walk and talk did not come to your mind instantly, you should start looking into developing an attitude of gratitude. Remember the quote – “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

So this is all about life. A true life.

6.    If you die tomorrow, will you be happy with the life you’ve lived?

What we can do is just enjoy the moment.

I don’t want to sound morbid, but it’s true — you really could die tomorrow. Have you lived a good life? Have you left good memories to last your kids a lifetime? Have you forgiven everyone who has wronged you and have you asked for forgiveness from everyone you have wronged? If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend watching the last lecture by Professor Randy Pausch.

Try to find someone who really know and think how good you are.

7.    What is the one movie you don’t mind watching over and over? (or the one book you could just read any number of times?)

It is not we create the moments; the moments seize us.

The human mind responds strongly to narratives, so the story that touches you the most is the one that can tell you a lot about yourself. Or the one that you aspire your life to be like. What is the story that you don’t mind watching/reading over and over again? What is the underlying theme/premise of the story?

Written by Sophie LU

8.    If someone made a movie out of your life, what will it be like?


Everybody has a story — what is yours? Would the story of your life be filled with melodrama, self-pity, hatred, anger or frustration; or would it be a story about inner peace, happiness, love, growth, joy and transcendence? If you are happy with your answer, keep doing what you are doing. If not, a quote by Maria Robinson may be of help — “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

This movie is really a gift to me:-D


Who Are Your friends and foes?

9.    If you are in a sinking ship with everyone you know, and you could only save 10 people, who would it be?

A lot of us don’t even realize who the most important people in our lives are. We constantly try to impress random people who hardly care about us, at the expense of neglecting those that matter the most to us. Are you aware of the handful of people that really mean something to you? Are you treating them right?

10.    If you die today, who will miss you the most?

Now, flip that around — who are the people that have you on their list of most cherished people? You don’t have to have led a life that warrants a national holiday when you die (though, that would be good!), but are you leaving behind a legacy that at least a handful of people will cherish?

11.    What will they say in your eulogy?

Why will these people miss you when you are gone? Will they read out your eulogy out of rote and move on with their lives, will they choke up unable to continue, or will they smile all the way through because you showed them life is to be celebrated? Remember, there are no right or wrong answers – this is just an exercise to get you to know yourself better.

12.    If you had the power to make someone vanish, who would that be?

Again, look at all the people around you – who do you wish was not there? The people who surround you have the power to lift you up or pull you down. How many people can you afford to have around you that you cannot stand, or that bring you down?

13.    If tomorrow’s newspaper read “ shot dead” who would be the person holding the revolver?

Is there someone whose life is made sadder because of your presence? Life is too short – is it worth continuing to be a pain in someone’s life?

Who will you become?

14.    Are you a better person today than you were last year at this same time? Or 10 years ago?

The source of a lot of misery in our lives is because we keep comparing our worst moments with the best of those around us. The only way to break out of this is to change your reference for comparison. Are you a better person today than you were before? Are you on a path of growth? Are you moving forward, standing still or slipping backwards?

15.    What was your last random act of kindness?

When was the last time you helped someone carry groceries to their car, or just smiled at a stranger who looked like he could use one? When did you last give something in spite of knowing that it’ll never be paid back? What goes around does come around – what will come back to you? (For some real stories of inspiring random acts of kindness,take a look at this.)

16.    How many hours of a day do you spend on unproductive activities like watching TV, snooping around on others’ facebook profiles, idle gossip etc.?

Now, multiply that number with 2.5, and that is the number of years of your life you are wasting away, assuming you live to be 80 and discounting the first 20 years of your life. (X hours/day * 365 days/year * 60 years) / (24 hours/day * 365 days/year). Agreed, we all need some time to unwind –  but, are you OK with the number you came up with, or does it boggle your mind? (On the flip side, those of you with kids, how many hours a day do you actually spend with your kids without distractions like TV, phone etc.? Multiply that with 0.75 and that is the number of years you actually spend with your child assuming that they live under your roof for 18 years. If your answer boggles you, come stop byafineparent.comand we’ll figure out a way to fix it.)

17.    What if you lose all you money?

Will you be so distraught that you will want to end your life? Will you be so angry and frustrated that you won’t be able to think straight? Will you be sad but eventually recover? No doubt, you will always need money. But as long as you remember (and believe) that you are the master of the money and can make some no matter what life throws at you, you will be able to roll with life’s punches and thrive in spite of them.

18.    Who is making most of the decisions in your life – you, those around you or your circumstances?

奥门威尼斯人手机版,On that note, you are the master of your life as well. But a lot of us find it much easier to give up that power and make circumstances, or worse, the people around us, the masters of our lives. Do you ever find yourself saying “I’m not happy because…”? It does not matter what comes after the because… that because is the way you hand over your power. Watch your thoughts, watch your words and reclaim your power over your life.

19.    What is the one thing you fear the most when you think of yourself as an old person?

Are you worried about looking old? That’s like fearing sunsets…. why be scared of something that is guaranteed to happen and is very dignified if you just change your perspective? Are you worried about not having money or close family? That’s like having a cow in your backyard and worrying about milk…. spend your time building up a bank balance and nurturing your relationships now. The same goes for being sick and frail – as long as you take good care of your health and don’t abuse your body now, you will be able to hold a lot of diseases at bay when you are older. Stop being scared and live your life now in such a way that you can continue to celebrate your life right into a ripe old age.

20.    Will you ever be invited to give a talk (eg., TED) or an interview (eg. Oprah) etc.?

Finally, what is your life all about? Are you just sleepwalking through life or are you marching forward with eyes wide open, filled with joy and vitality? When you choose the latter, irrespective of how “regular” or “boring” your life may seem at present, you will have opportunities to make little differences around you that can change the course of history!

Bonus Question

And before we wind up I want to ask you a bonus question. You read incredibly powerful articles here regularly —but what do you do after reading these articles?

Do you just go on with your life treating it as a drudgery, whining and arguing your way around the people closest you? Or do you live each day as if it were a treasure, enjoying the little moments with those dearest to you as opportunities to make lasting memories?

It really is a choice —what do you choose?

Written on 7/12/2013 by Sumitha Bhandarkar.